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The following documentation is included with Exim4U (GitHub master):

APPEARANCE - Instructions for customizing Exim4U's icons, images and appearance.
CHANGELOG - Changelog and upgrade instructions.
DEBIAN - Debian specific installation notes.
EXIM_README - Notes about compatibility with various Exim versions.
FREEBSD - FreeBSD specific installation notes.
INSTALL - Installation and configuration instructions.
LICENSE - Exim4U License and terms of use.
MIGRATE - Instructions for migrating to Exim4U from Virtual  Exim.
NOTES - Additional Notes and Instructions on using Exim4U.
README - Basic guide on how to get Exim4U up and running.
REDHAT-CENTOS - RedHat/CentOS specific installation notes.
SECURITY -  Recommended security precautions.
SPAMASSASSIN - Configuration instructions for Spamassassin.
VERSION - Exim4U Version Information.
WEBMAIL - Installation and configuration instructions for Webmail.