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Who Should Consider Using Exim4U?

Anyone who manages a mail server and that needs effective spam and virus filtering should consider Exim4U. Exim4U provides an excellent alternative to the popular control panels such as cPanel and Plesk. All Virtual Exim (Vexim) users should also consider upgrading to Exim4U for its enhanced functionality. More information is available in this Feature Comparison of Exim4U, Virtual Exim and cPanel.

What is Exim4u?

Exim4U is an advanced state-of-the-art email solution for Linux and Unix mail servers based on the Exim MTA. Exim4U provides comprehensive anti-virus and anti-spam features which eliminate most all forms of malware and spam.

Exim4U will host any number of local and relay domains and provides complete coordination of spam filtering between local and relay hosts.  Exim4u can also be configured as a spam filter for any number of relay domains.

Exim4U’s web interface for Exim is written in PHP using the MySQL database engine and includes the complete integration of Exim with the Spamassassin Spam Filter, the ClamAV AntiVirus Scanner, the Dovecot IMAP Server and the Mailman Mailing List Manager. Exim4U is also fully integrated with a robust software suite that includes Webmail, Webmin, phpMyAdmin, Munin and a menu system that ties it all together.


Exim4U Brochure (pdf)
General overview, feature comparison and screen shots.